Monday 15 October 2012

Pilmeny teams up with Holyrood High

Senior students at Holyrood High school have chosen the Pilmeny Youth Centre as their local charity of choice as part of their Active Citizenship programme. Students will support the youth centre working in small teams that will identify and research local community issues and identify solutions. The programme is channelled through the high schools partnership with the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative programme ("YPI is a unique schools programme that empowers young people to tackle issues in their local area. It presents a fantastic opportunity for supporters to channel funds to worthy, grassroots organisations whilst simultaneously creating the next generation of socially-engaged citizens. Funded with private capital, YPI enables schools, charities, large corporations and young people to work together to improve local communities. YPI gives our future community leaders, a 'real life' context to grant funds and become passionate advocates for charities while developing crucial skills in research, teamwork and communication Working in small teams, pupils identify and research grassroots organisations which are tackling the issues that they care most about; with the guidance of a dedicated citizenship teacher, who is supported by YPI staff, pupils visit their chosen local charity and prepare presentations on why that charity is most worthy of support. The group judged to have made the best presentation in each school is granted £3,000 to award to their charity. Enclosed data courtesy of the YPI website).
We look forward to working with the school and we're sure they have made a wise choice in selecting the Pilmeny Youth Centre.

Friday Feet Foxes

A new and welcome innovative project will commence at Pilmeny on Friday 9 November.  Feet Foxes is offering dance and movement to children aged U5. The "pilot" project will run for an initial 4 weeks. Dependant on numbers attending and feedback from clients it is hoped that Feet Foxes will develop and become an integral part of the youth centre's community programme. There will be a nominal charge for attending. Further details from the youth centre at 0131 554 0953 or via email.

Junior Sports Project

We have limited space at our twice weekly Junior Sports Project. There are currently 4 spaces available in our midweek (Wednesdays) activity session. Open to boys and girls aged 7-10 years from 3:30pm to 5pm each week. Contact the youth centre for details. Our Friday session, 12:30pm to 2pm has space for two additional children, and is also open to boys and girls aged 7-10yrs. The provision is Free with no costs to parents. Call 0131 554 0953 for details.

Mini Sports News

The continued success and popularity of the free mini sports project, held every Tuesday from 3.30pm to 5pm and aimed at primary 1 & 2 children, is now full to capacity. With a maximum of 12 children aged 5 & 6, and given the limitations on space and staff to children ratios, and the drive to maximise our programme of sports and energetic activities, a decision was taken to curtail numbers. We do however, realise, as our waiting list would testify, that there is a huge need to open the provision out to every child who seeks an opportunity to pursue a healthier lifestyle and enjoy an entry level to sport. We are working tirelessly to obtain funds that will allow us to expand the mini sports provision and establish a second weekly session and offer the programme to those children on our waiting list.

Pilmeny MIni and Junior Sports Clubs News

The sports projects take a well earned rest this week due to the school holidays. Children and staff can recharge their batteries before returning for an unbroken run from next week, Tuesday 23 October, to the Christmas Break. See you all next week.

Evening club news

All evening clubs, Young people's drop in, Junior Club and Senior Club, are closed this week due to the school holiday. The above clubs will also take an extended weeks holiday and will be closed next week. Due date for return is 29 October. The youth centre would like to reaffirm to parents that the above club sessions are not directly under the jurisdiction of the youth centre and that any details appertaining to the clubs content, programme and meeting times/dates should be directed to the local youth and community development worker based at the Pilmeny Development Project at 19 Buchanan Street. Contact Mo Airnes at 0131 553 2559

Mini Music Masters

Coming soon, our new music tuition project. In response to ideas put forward by our Mini and Junior Sports users at the youth centre we have successfully found funding support from The WM Mann Foundation and the The Sir Hugh Fraser Trust to purchase a variety of instruments and to commission a couple of professional music tutors to offer a weekly session to budding junior musicians. Drum, Guitar, Keyboard/Organ etc, are just a variety of instruments available for children to test their musical skills, if aged between 7-11 years we plan to open the project up to beginners and those who may be a bit more advanced. The 20 week project aims to get underway from early November 2012. There are only 10 places available, with six already reserved, so it's first come first served for the remaining 4 places. There will be a nominal charge to children for the 1:5 hour weekly session and more details can be obtained from contacting the youth centre on 0131 554 0953 or by email at